Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's For Spring?

Spring is COMINGG! (i knowww. Indonesia doesn't have Spring. but duh,we still can steal the style isn't it? ;D) actually there are some goods that i've been craving. like - so so much!

those are :

jeans dress and brown belt

chiffon dress

jeans plus lace! never better ;)

lovely wedges. awww!

so for this long holiday. until July i supposed. i have a plan to do a super massive shopping LOL i would change my style into.. errr. no, i won't go girly either. lemme find a name for my next spring style haha :)

inspiring much? visit : feizl for more pictures (only for you that understand chinese)

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  1. thx for ur comment on my blog ,,
    and for already be my followers .

    yeah ,,
    i will.
    i followed u from twitter . check it ! :D

    keep update ! ;)

  2. love those pic! Hey I thought we were friends on my previous Facebook, I remember ur name :D

    I hv linked and followed u, wait for ur link back!
    enjoy blogging there..
    cheers ;)

  3. yay thanks for the sweet comment on mah blog...i follow yah back ;) link me dear..then i'll link u back too :)


  4. say... let's go shopping together!!hahaaa... i've planned to buy so many things for nxt holiday.. can't wait til i meet u!! >.<

    anw,numpang promo!! LOL :)


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