Thursday, May 27, 2010

such a weird smile.

plaid dress : Free
brat.inlove necklace : custom made (and i forgot what's the name of the store that made it. sorry.)
polka bow bracelet : Monparure Accessoires (found it at facebook)
footwear : St. Moritz

had a not-so-fancy dinner date with my bf
that was bebek baluran anyway
soooooooooooooooo yummehhh!

i'll be packing after this , i have to go back to my hometown tomorrow (YEAY!). mom and cous will pick me up,i decided not to take train,since i had lotsa things to bring. i can't wait to spend my holiday home. and dunno yet whether i'll go to Jakarta or Surabaya or somewhere else with Devona. we'll see (:

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  1. i want your sandals. it's super cute. and the bebek dish looks super yumm2 :P


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