Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 26th,2010

with blitz. i looked scary. kinda.

puffy cardigan : unbranded
stripes dress : mineola
white bow headband : Maishop (found it at facebook)

nothing interesting today. my bf decided not to go to watch the Prince of Persia movie. yeah i know - kinda upset. sigh. so then we're only chilling out. talking about random stuff.

oh anyway. can't wait to watch Glee! (:

they all look awesome,eh? :)


  1. U hv a nice hair! love the colour :D
    r u a gleek anw?

    cheers =)

  2. glee 20th ep was great! loved it. you should watch it! lovin your blog
    visit mine, love, vdcouture

  3. Lia : haha yeah thanksss ;) absolutely i'm a gleekkk :D you too? ;P

    Vd : yeahhh. i missed the episode *sadddddlyyy
    i'll visit yours and link it! ;)


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