Saturday, May 29, 2010

All Hail Jennifer Ouellette!

i'm in love! yes. i am. but no,not with any other boys. but with Jennifer Ouellette. oh oh who is she?
you could simply visit her website : click this.
and you would see these collections

there are tons more on her website. those are just my favorite ones (:
oh which reminds me,i'm home! but still have no idea what would i do in this sickening long holiday. 
i'm in a rush now. i have a chit chat wiv my bestie - for our upcoming project. teehee. i'm over excited!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

such a weird smile.

plaid dress : Free
brat.inlove necklace : custom made (and i forgot what's the name of the store that made it. sorry.)
polka bow bracelet : Monparure Accessoires (found it at facebook)
footwear : St. Moritz

had a not-so-fancy dinner date with my bf
that was bebek baluran anyway
soooooooooooooooo yummehhh!

i'll be packing after this , i have to go back to my hometown tomorrow (YEAY!). mom and cous will pick me up,i decided not to take train,since i had lotsa things to bring. i can't wait to spend my holiday home. and dunno yet whether i'll go to Jakarta or Surabaya or somewhere else with Devona. we'll see (:

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stuck in a lazy day.

my current display picture on facebook
that was the greatest-hair-day ever
thanks so much to Herbal Essence then (:

a lovely wing gold necklace
can't wait to wear it ♥♥

sometimes i spent more than an hour just to think what i have to wear to look good. but now i realized i don't have to look good in front of people if i am not comfortable wiv it. so yeah,i kinda changed my self now. i would wear what i love to wear. not dress to impress everyone. so today : the laziest dress up day everrrr. and i haven't go out anywhere. so yeah. i'm just chilling with my 'boyfriend's tee' and a short. and i look lame. with pimples. duh.
you gotta try this one
no. 100 - touch of mauve

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May 26th,2010

with blitz. i looked scary. kinda.

puffy cardigan : unbranded
stripes dress : mineola
white bow headband : Maishop (found it at facebook)

nothing interesting today. my bf decided not to go to watch the Prince of Persia movie. yeah i know - kinda upset. sigh. so then we're only chilling out. talking about random stuff.

oh anyway. can't wait to watch Glee! (:

they all look awesome,eh? :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's For Spring?

Spring is COMINGG! (i knowww. Indonesia doesn't have Spring. but duh,we still can steal the style isn't it? ;D) actually there are some goods that i've been craving. like - so so much!

those are :

jeans dress and brown belt

chiffon dress

jeans plus lace! never better ;)

lovely wedges. awww!

so for this long holiday. until July i supposed. i have a plan to do a super massive shopping LOL i would change my style into.. errr. no, i won't go girly either. lemme find a name for my next spring style haha :)

inspiring much? visit : feizl for more pictures (only for you that understand chinese)

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Ripped Jeans Jelly.

Acid Wash Ripped Jeans : JessJess Shop (found them at Facebook)
Chanel Jelly Shoes - Gift from Mom

had a lunch at market today (yes. seriously i did. AND NO I DID NOT wear that ripped jeans and shoes - to the market. i wore them tonite.) i had Sate Kikil , Pecel , Es Dawet and had another plate of rice afterwards. i think i'm seriously gonna exploded. so that was my reason why i did not take a full body photoshoot. sorry?

it's my officially first day of holiday. tomorrow i have a plan to watch Prince of Persia.
had no idea what the movie is gonna like. but well i just couldn't agree more when my boyfriend and my friend,Satya asked me to go along with them. idk why either.

so that's all for today. i'm gonna back to MSN. i had a chat with my besties :)

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Inspiration ♥

so i could simply say that i'm very much inspired by Korean Style. why? because they are simply gorgeous. they could simply wear sneakers while wearing lace sweet dress. they could use ripped jeans wiv lil black dress. and i'm not so into Japanese since they're nothing but mix and match. which probably would be horrible in my body. (indeed) so you'll imagine how would my looks in this blog. i'm still an amateur. but i'm trying to be good. i'm not gonna say i'm stylish. but i am me. i'll upload my style everyday. start from next week - i shall say. and i hope i'll be quite active here. there are lots of things should be fixed though. wish me luck! xoxoxo.