Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ripped Jeans Jelly.

Acid Wash Ripped Jeans : JessJess Shop (found them at Facebook)
Chanel Jelly Shoes - Gift from Mom

had a lunch at market today (yes. seriously i did. AND NO I DID NOT wear that ripped jeans and shoes - to the market. i wore them tonite.) i had Sate Kikil , Pecel , Es Dawet and had another plate of rice afterwards. i think i'm seriously gonna exploded. so that was my reason why i did not take a full body photoshoot. sorry?

it's my officially first day of holiday. tomorrow i have a plan to watch Prince of Persia.
had no idea what the movie is gonna like. but well i just couldn't agree more when my boyfriend and my friend,Satya asked me to go along with them. idk why either.

so that's all for today. i'm gonna back to MSN. i had a chat with my besties :)

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