Thursday, May 27, 2010

stuck in a lazy day.

my current display picture on facebook
that was the greatest-hair-day ever
thanks so much to Herbal Essence then (:

a lovely wing gold necklace
can't wait to wear it ♥♥

sometimes i spent more than an hour just to think what i have to wear to look good. but now i realized i don't have to look good in front of people if i am not comfortable wiv it. so yeah,i kinda changed my self now. i would wear what i love to wear. not dress to impress everyone. so today : the laziest dress up day everrrr. and i haven't go out anywhere. so yeah. i'm just chilling with my 'boyfriend's tee' and a short. and i look lame. with pimples. duh.
you gotta try this one
no. 100 - touch of mauve

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