Thursday, June 10, 2010

tiring day.

how are you guys? i'm sooooo glad that i actually meet a lot of new bloggers as friends. i do really appreciate ya all for leaving comments and following me. really. sooo happy with it ;) keep in touch,a'rite? ;) OH ANYWAY. did anyone recognize i change my banner?

today i'm having my 1st day of shopping days that i've been planned before haha. i actually expected much much more than i've got. so House of Mangos is opening it's new shop in Solo. so yeah,i went there with my cousin. i'll show you what i've got.

the shopping bag -House of Mangos
ripped jeans - House of Mangos
dark blue top - House of Mangos

what did i wear at that day? nothing special. i just wear a comfy top with black lace mini skirt :)
i have no much time to dress up :/

 that was a top from Macadamia House (found it at facebook!)

and i took a little time to take a shoot of my ridiculous face. LOL. i looked so tired after all.

P.S : i had a hard time with self timer. some pics shown my stupid face. or i'm blinking so that all that i've got is my closed-eyes pics. duh.

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  1. hello, thanks for visiting me :) i love your pink sandals, it's very cute :)

    btw wanna exchange link ? :)

  2. hai, thank you os much for visit me back and left a comment..
    u're so cute to beib..
    that white shoes is from charles and keith ^^
    u shoukd buy one for yourself too, you can wear it for casual and formal day..

  3. Nice loot! :D

    I understand the self timer issue, same thing happens to me too xD

  4. hey cutiepie! i love your top!
    i linked you already :)
    link me back :D
    thanks <3

  5. WOW you have a really really big eyes, do u use lens? and btw me likey ur top u look cute:D

  6. love ur doe eyes :)
    cute pink camera you have there :)
    nice to meet yoU !

    glisters and blisters

  7. i want your pink camera :) visit mine?

  8. I like your blog dear! :) mind to exchange link with me?
    xoxo <3

  9. wew, nice color of your hair...

    wanna join PhieGarage's Giveaway ? hope you will get one of our collections,, smooch ! :)

  10. wah,, can't wait to see you wearing that ripped jeans :D

  11. hey, love your top and ur camera! look so cute on you :)

  12. hi
    thx for leaving a comment on my blog
    btw,do u lived in solo?
    me too
    where is house of mangos??

    sering2 mampir ke blog ku ya:)


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